Tuesday 1 May 2018

Free DJ Battle Tutorials from world champ DJ Vekked (Fresherthans)

Check out DMC world and online champ Vekked's channel on the app Twitch. He's putting on some ad hoc freestyle sessions lately where you can tune in and catch him discussing pretty much anything around building a set for DMC online success and every Monday a more structured battle tutorial class with his tips for success.

It's a really worthwhile class I recommend to anyone interested in battling or just building routines as you get to see Vekked perform his routines from an overhead view as well as the waveform view which really helps.

Add to that vinyl giveaways, question and answer sessions and a "routine review" (where he gives feedback on a routine you submit) and you have an invaluable coaching session from a world champion who's really been there and done it all.

Twitch is free to subscribe if you already have an Amazon Prime account.

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