Wednesday 27 November 2013

Choicest Cuts Vol 7 September 2013

In my humble opinion ;-) there's absolutely no "fillers" in September's mix ... Every track hits hard! I think my personal faves were the two opening tracks, Boca 45 ft The good People, and Rap Tradition - Chris Read ft Phill Most Chill...."We're Right Here" is also SOO much fun to cut up!

Although I was already a fan of Dr Syntax, I hadn't really checked out his crew The Mouse Outfit prior to making this mix, but I like the colabs on this track and thought it would bring some variety this month.

Special shout out this month to UK Producer (and ill scratcher) Mr Brown, who produces both versions of Planet Asia's "Walking Away" on the 12". I preferred the remix so put that in my mix, but both versions are fire.... Pick it up at the King Underground site, and follow Mr Brown here

I'm loving Brothers of the Stone this year and will keep supporting their tunes in my mixes! Roc Marciano is becoming a regular fixture in my mixes too it seems, and that Scram Jones track mixes like a dream!

Any new K-Def release automatically gets some airplay, and I was really digging the new Jeru "Solar flares" Joint - DJ Kisa just brought him and Afu-Ra here to Barcelona and I was pissed to have to miss it. For me this was one of his best records in recent years. DJ Kisa is doing huge things to keep the hip hop scene alive here in Barca and is also a damn good DJ! check out her site here

Jorun Bombay can do little wrong right now for my tastes and I was really chuffed to come across his remix series, especially his take on a K-Solo classic "Fugitive". I also really recommend his new vinyl-only mix show "The funkbox Reloaded" where he cuts up new joints from dope artists like Oxygen, Phill Most Chill etc.

One of the biggest finds this month was Freedom Writers out of Canada. I have to thank DJ Grouch putting me on to them via Facebook. I first became a fan of Grouch on the DMC vids when he was battling in the late 90s with the Turnstylez crew (Lil Jaz, D-Scratch & Grouch I believe) and Canadian Kung Fu which they feature on was my fave Turntable TV vid, (not least because of Lil jaz's set on there...absolutely incredible...but that's for another day, I'm digressing!) I'm always pleased to see people who featured heavily in the golden era of DJ battles still on the scene and Grouch was another example.

I was really pleasantly surprised by Freedom Writers and judging by this positive review I'm not the only one, check 'em out. Their new joint only costs 3CAD so pls buy and support great Hip Hop!
I'm listening a lot to Blitz the Ambassador's "The Warm Up EP" which is also dope and a free download, recommended!

On that note, it's worth mentioning that the majority of the tracks featured this month were free downloads, big up all the artists sharing their music for free. I always try to support and share anything dope and free I hear, seems the least I could do if they're giving it away free!

I Can't sign off for today without mentioning Rah Digga's "New Hoes" - Thank god someone spoke out on that theme! So much of what she says rings true and props to her for putting it out there... "Can't even go to Walmart, got bitches twerking by the cakes" ha ha !

PS - My mixes are still free to download, however downloads are now only accesible through my Facebook page here

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