Sunday 14 June 2015

No posts no party... but learning shedloads from DJ Kutclass!

Damn, no posts from me before today since December last year. That's not great. I will try to amend that and start posting more! As some may know I've recently moved back to London from Barcelona and looking to get involved with the local scene.

Between trying to prepare a routine for DMC online and looking for some work here I've definitely neglected the blog! Will be on the lookout for any gig opportunities and possibilities to teach/help out anywhere with people who want to learn any forms of DJing. Please get in touch if you want to meet up and talk DJing/scratching and let's session!

Been lucky enough to land on my feet and had a few cut sessions with Kutclass already, who's shown me tonnes so far and is one of those good people who's more than happy to share the knowledge. He's a regular contributor on the excellent DV forum and puts a hell of a lot of time into various scratch projects for the community which deserves to be commended, plus a key member of the team running the ever-growing Super Scratch Sunday events across the country.

Check him out on the cut below. What always impresses me when I watch him is this awesome change of speed when he starts his phrases slowly and goes into super-fast boomerangs. I'm gonna keep on at him to upload more vids!!

I can thoroughly recommend his series of scratch vinyl he's released with Symatic and Canada's Darcy D on Cut and Paste Records- the now sold out "Cadence with Rhythm and Flow" and the brand new "Combinations From the Masters". You can cop those up here

Check out some fresh demos by Symatic, Darcy and Jon 1st -

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