Monday 22 July 2013

Choicest Cuts Vol 2 April 2013

I really enjoyed putting a track list together for this one... When you get not one but two new tunes in the space of a month from a UK legend like Jehst, making a new mix is never a chore... If, like me, you "wasted" the majority of your childhood playing SNES games, you can only bug out to "G.A.M.E.O.V.E.R" which he brought out on record store day...

For all the sneaker freaks out there there's "Fresh Pair" with Jazz T on the cuts... I remember Jazz T putting in work at almost every battle in the UK during the late 90's so i'm glad to see he's still cuttin' it up.

Two massive albums dropped in time for this one, the sequel to Marco Polo´s Newport Authority album and the new one from Rugged Man... It's always hard narrowing a selection down to one or two from releases as big as these. "Definition of a rap flow" is clearly a no-brainer for inclusion though, and his no-holds barred lyrical assault on C-List celebs in "Make you Famous" is great - "In a world where your kids know more about Snooki than Jesus" is sad but too true!

DJ's Moneyshot and the prolific Inko chip in with strong remixes, and a couple of bangers from Melanin 9 keep the UK accent flowing throughout the mix. The dope new track from J-Live "The Fun Razor" is tight and couldn't be excluded, and I love Dominque Larue's voice and flow on the "Soon" joint.... I'm not really feeling the hook on "Long and Winding Road" but anything new with Large Pro is going to feature!

Let me know your favourite Large pro track in the comments!

J-Live performing the classic "Braggin' Writes" live..

I love the fact Large Pro is quietly still going strong through four decades in the Hip Hop game...aside from what he did with Main Source this is one of my favourite joints of his, i still remember Westwood bumping this on the regular back in the 90's....
I think a lesson in Hip Hop History from Large Professor should be part of every kids curriculum! That intro is so dark!!
Not a lot of people know about it but Brand New Heavies made such a funky album with a number of guest rappers back in 1992 called "Heavy Rhyme Experience" and some of the jams on there were so dope, namely the Large Pro one and the one with the Pharcyde. I finally got hold of a vinyl copy a couple of years ago and it made my day. Thanks to my big brother for making me listen to this when I was probably too young to realise how good it was, I certainly appreciate it now!
For some reason I can't embed it here, but there's a great video of Large Pro performing "Bonafied Funk" live on Yo! MTV Raps (back when MTV actually used to show music videos not reality TV crap) "Bonafied Funk" - Brand New Heavies ft Large Pro

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  1. Time´s up my favorite on this April mix.
    also liked Melanin 9 , must say that i didn´t know much about Melanin 9 before your mix.

    Appreciate your work on the mixes.

    Maximum respect AbbFunk