Tuesday 23 July 2013

Choicest Cuts Vol 4 June 2013

Highlight for me this month was probably the release of Megadon's "Canon ft Sadat X and co, followed very closely by "East Coast" and "It's a Queens Thing" though. Pretty much anything Apani B Fly puts a verse to will always feature, definitely one of the dopest females on the mic!

Inko and Pings put a new spin on past classics this month, G Rap's "Fast Life" and Eminem's "Any Man," and mad props should go to Inko (again) for taking on the mammoth task of remixing "T.R.O.Y," - I think he's done an amazing job with this one.... I remember when "Any Man" dropped on the dope Soundbombing II compilation, damn Em had some crazy lyrics, "Your style's like dying in my sleep - I don't feel it"!!

I remember meeting Eminem once before he blew up...  He was being filmed on the streets of Soho in London for some program called Planet Pop in the UK. He was doing "I Just Don't Give a Fuck" acapella through the streets before doing a freestyle in Mr Bongo's, telling us how much Ecstasy he'd taken already that day, and coming onto the girl trying to interview him. Don't think he can walk around anywhere unprotected these days! (I'd love to see that feature on Planet Pop if anyone recorded it!?)

Eminem going up against the great Juice back in '97... Wish they'd bring back those Scribble Jams...

Apart from the obvious classics, this was always my fave G Rap joint...

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