Friday 16 September 2016

DJ Madhandz - Hip Hop Back In The Day Show On Itch FM Septemeber

For this show I went digging in the crates for some of those lost and unheard of underground track that, for me personally, came from one of my favourite times for Hip Hop.

That late 90s/early 2000s era when you had labels like Rawkus, ABB  Records, Matador, Fondle'em etc putting out dope 12" after dope 12". In the show you can hear track from Natural Elements, Self Scientific, Gauge, Company Flow, Vakill, Elix and many more from that era.

And of course the usual old school vibes alongside a few newer tracks from the likes of Westside Gunn, Epidemic and the new MadNoisi track "Looking Back" to!


DJ Madhandz

"Fire Your DJ" Vol. 5 - Mixed by Turntable Anihilists (Sept 2016)

Just been uploaded by man like DP ONE, enjoy!

Mr Thing Live Radio 1 (2000)

Mr Thing on Radio 1
I have stacks of  Mr Thing radio mixes except this one only short at 16 mins, must be from around 2000 - kindly posted by Rufus Ittins on his mixcloud page

Prime Cuts - Live @ Off The Hook (2001)

So here's my first upload, firstly like to thank Rob for asking me to get involved always a pleasure dude !

So Rob had asked for prime cuts sets this is a quality set from the master ( I know Paul has a load more so get it sorted mukka LOLOL )

Happy Friday ChoicestCutters