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Over the years I've been lucky enough to cut it up with some amazing scratch DJ's and witness some legendary hip hop acts and caught a lot of it on camera. I started this blog to share some of that old footage, connect with like-minded heads, and even put some of my own music and mixes out there. I've also got a tonne of old rap shows and freestyles recorded on tape from the 90's which I'm currently in the process of ripping to post on this blog.

*EDIT 16/11/15 - Really happy to announce Paul Taylor from The Mixtape Unites has joined the blog as a contributor so you will see many more mixes found online added and hopefully some of his incredible personal collection in the near future. 

I go by the name of ABBFunk and, on and off, I've been DJing and collecting vinyl since 1993... Maybe I was at an impressionable age, but for me and many others, those early 90s were definitely the "Golden Era" of Hip Hop and few can argue they've ever been bettered.

I'll post anything Hip Hop / Funk / Breaks / Diggin' / Beatmaking or DJ-related that I'm feeling at the time - Please support by spreading the word about my blog and music, and let me know if you dig it too by leaving a comment.

I love to listen to a good mix, and collecting them has become a bit of an obsession. I've accumulated a large amount of mixtapes (both analog and digital) over the years, and bit by bit I'll share the best ones here too  - Just search labels for "Recommended Mix series"

Some of these beauties for example!

I'm currently based in London - If you're passing through and wanna cut it up / grab a beer, let me know!

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