Sunday 29 November 2015


One of my favourites to ever do it and a big inspiration for myself and most British DJ's I'd say, Mr Thing blesses us with a brand new mix to promote his next gig for Sure Shot in Cardiff

Saturday 28 November 2015

Recommended Listening - "Tony slim's mixtape spécial DJ Cam"

For the DJ Cam fans out there!

Ben Karlow & Seek the Northener - "Dig Deep"

New banger from multi-talented UK Bboy/producer/rapper Seek the Northerner (Boothboxers)with the brilliantly-named "Ben Karlow"(!)

Check it out...

DJ Emskee mini-Documentary

"Documentary about the lost art of Vinyl Spinning. Starring DJ Emskee, an International DJ who has spinned from New York City to Tokyo and everywhere else in between. For bookings email"

Friday 27 November 2015

Spotlight - DJ Miura (Barcelona)

Miura is one of the best DJs people outside of Spain may not have heard of - a real veteran of the Spanish hip hop and turntablism scenes, Miura has a vast knowledge and background of golden era hip hop and rnb and combined with seamless mixing skills and really funky scratches you have the ingredients for some top mixes!

New mix coming soon with DJ Madhandz!

Excited to say I'm collaborating with fellow Londoner DJ Madhandz on a new Boom Bap mix. We've both been working on it for a while now so hopefully it's going to be a bit special!

Check out Madhandz on his Mixcloud or follow on Facebook

You can also catch him on the Hip Hop Back in the Day show on Westside FM

Thursday 26 November 2015

New 45 from Andy Cooper on Origu records

Any new material featuring Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling fame is a big deal to me - Check out these two new bangers on the new German label Origu

Friday 20 November 2015

Thursday 19 November 2015

Recommended Listening - The Bottomless Crates Show

Really top quality broadcasts out of Newcastle in the UK full of funny "banter" and a real focus on giving exposure to UK artists, definitely worth checking out every Wednesday

Recommended Listening - Abcdr du Son Rap Magazine

Just came across this Mixcloud page which looks like it has some top quality uploads on it, some OC and Tribe tribute shows and plenty of French Hip Hop, recommended listening!

DJ $HIN + DJ IQ - Freestyle Skratch (Dec, 2014) @ Skratch Labo

This more like great Skratch Practice mix by two great  DJs

DJ $HIN + DJ IQ - Freestyle Skratch (Dec, 2014)@Skratch Labo

DJ Jazzy Jeff- Live on MSFTS Frequency on Beats1 Volume 2

Part 2 bit to clubbey for my liking

DJ Jazzy Jeff LIVE on MSFTS Frequency on Beats1 Volume 2

DJ Jazzy Jeff- Live on MSFTS Frequency on Beats1

Posted by Jazzy Jeff on his Mixcloud page-Enough said its Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff LIVE on MSFTS Frequency on Beats1

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Pharcyde 'Labcabincalifornia' 20th Anniversary Mixtape mixed by Chris Read

I know this rather goes against popular opinion but for me Labcabincalifornia was one of the biggest disappointments in Hip Hop at the time of it's release...

Dj Hypercutz - Dj Proceed - Dj Vega presents - Bxl - Ghent pt.1

Dj Hypercutz - Dj Proceed - Dj Vega presents - Bxl - Ghent pt.1 

Dj Sage One-Riot Mixtape

A mix I recorded in 2011 but did not release back then because of negative feedback I might have received due to the strong political and religious opinionated controversial content based on facts. I decided to release this mix now because of the issues going on recently and thought now I shouldn't care of the responses or opinions of others. Some of my own opinions differ from some of the artists in this mix but I also like to hear how other artists see things in their vision. I didn't own Serato at the time. This mix was all vinyl, 2 turntables, a sampler, a beat machine and edited in Sony Acid. 

Riot Mixtape! cover image

Dj Cues-Weapons Lessons One

Cues description of this mix

My first mix tape!!! Before the days of Serato, all vinyl mix. Underground, True School Hiphop, late 90s to early 2000s. And Skratching...first released in 2003... 

Weapon Lessons ONE cover image

Dj Cues-B-Boy Summit 20YR Anniversary Official Mix

Great Breaks mix with Hip Hop chucked in

B-Boy Summit 20YR Anniversary Official Mix cover image


Quick live mini-mix from the Radio for those who can't get enough of the classic breaks being cut to shreds...

Mr Scruff- Mix Tape (1994)

Nice mix posted by Mr Scruff on his Soundcloud page some 5 years ago which i missed for some reason

Sinista & Roc Raida "The Lesson" Mixtape rip (1995)

Wednesday 11 November 2015

DJ Touche-Dj Set For Mary Ann Hobbs

Great mix for the Mary Anne Hobbs show by the Wise Guys Dj Touche the link courtsey of Old School Tapes mixcloud page -This is my first posting for Rob's Blog

DJ Touche (Wiseguys, Fake Blood) DJ set for Mary Anne Hobbs' Breezeblock

Thursday 5 November 2015

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Wordplay Presents "Crushing Fools Forever" - Mixed by the Mixologists (2001) HIp Hop Connection

Short but quality mix of predominantly UK Hip Hop from the likes of Mark B & Blade, Skitz and Skinnyman all nicely mixed and scratched together by London's own The Mixologists