Friday 14 March 2014

All party rockers need to check SHORTKUT's Boiler Room set!

so you think you can rock a party? Yeah, so did I till I saw this Shortkut set. Everyone and their dog seems to have done a Boiler Room set but from the ones I've seen this is the best so far for me, and possibly pips the DJ Shadow and Mr Thing ones which I'd also recommend. Don't miss the serious dance moves at 39:30 by the Peanut Butter Wolf lookalike!

I love the way he flows so easily between genres such as dancehall and original breaks and even gets the crowd rocking to philipino music which you don't hear in the clubs every day!
You can always tell when a crowd is getting well and truly rocked by the lack of kiddies on their phones texting away, and this crowd looks pretty much engaged in the music!

Highlight has to be Shortkut's famous Lyn Collins "Think" juggle/trick mixing around the 24:40 mark.

on a side note, and not trying to get all scratch nerdy on you, well, I suppose I am…. but Shortkut is really highly regarded for his super fast cutting and chops. Known as "basics" in the scratch community, Short (and D-Styles) are testament to how much you can make out of mastering the basics, as he takes his chops to the next level. Check out Shortkut at 2:28 and D at 3:37 for example…

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  1. Yeh Abb !
    Wicked Session by Shortkut, big tunes like Johnny Osbourne , dancehall legend.

    Thanks for sharing