Tuesday 25 March 2014

(VHS Archive) Vin-Roc(ks) the spot! (Video)

Few DJs rock the set better than Vinroc. Enjoy this old footage of him performing a dope old school hip hop set around 2000 at Scala in London.

I remember how much we were enjoying watching the mosh pit at the time and it made me chuckle again, crazy dudes loving Vinroc's selection!

Love the way Vin keeps it moving throughout, barely plays a full track and uses novel/innovative ways to bring in new tracks each time keeping it varied, needless to say track selection is top-notch! Unfortunately he's struggling with wobbly tables again..

I've got plenty more footage from this great night to upload soon as well - Mr Thing, Kela, DJ Vadim & Phi-Life Cypher to name a few.

Not much more to say here, other than enjoy!

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