Saturday 15 March 2014

Choicest Cuts Vol 8 October

This month I discovered a couple of really dope artists from France - Pumpkin an MC and Vin's Da Cuero, a dope producer. Together they put some great stuff together and "Like an Automatic Weapon" is their latest banger. There are two versions which you can check on the video…

You can cop the track here and it comes with a dope tee as well.

This month DJ Format teamed up with Phill Most Chill to drop the smartly-titled "Foremost" album. It's definitely one of the dopest Hip Hop albums of the year. The hardest part of putting this mix together was choosing just two tracks from the album to include! I'd be quite happy putting them all in, Format never makes mediocre music…

Cut Chemist dropped a nice free download on us this month which you can cop here. The jury is still out on this for me. I'm his biggest fan but even with Chali 2na dropping vocals I wasn't feeling this one too much…It reminds me a lot of "Storm" which he made with Edan & mr Lif, but i just feel the darker vocals fit Storm so much better…

Had to drop in the new Esoteric banger…he's probably been my favourite MC since he said on "Soul Purpose" and "Herb" probably everyone thought but never actually said! Just listen to the lyrics on "Soul Purpose," they are bang on point - "You can't buy a mic at a quarter to two, and be a real MC before the day is through!"

I'm a big fan of Vangel and included his "Back in the Day" instrumental joint. It's a bit more low-key than the standard boom bap and it works really well, especially in the mix.

Loving "Annunciate" by Emskee…Can't wait for him to drop "the Marc Smith" LP anytime now…this is going to be THE dope release of 2013…His use of the D.O.C.s "annunciate well…" lyrics just fit so well.

Another dope voice sample, this time from Jeru's "D. Original" rides the chorus of the dope posse cut "Land of the Crooks"with Babu dropping some dope vocal cuts. For those who don't know, Babu is one third of Dilated Peoples and coined the phrase "Turntablist" for the first time in the late 90's. He also made  one of the best juggles of all time, his Blind Alley routine…

"Ray's Cafe" is a dope new collaboration joint from the legendary OC and producer Ray West. Nice laid-back flow hits the spot on this one, here's hoping for plenty more from this combo in the future. I love this "Beast'n"remix by Wyld Bunch ft Torae, and "Wright Right Away" is a quirky new joint from artists ZEPs and Eturnal who I just discovered.

I've been a fan of Mr Lif for the longest. Go get his free download (or donate) of "Boston Strong" right now here! Conscious, thought-provoking lyrics always from this legend and once again in this ode to hometown Boston. My man DJ Morals first put me on to Lif's work years ago (and a number of other dope artists from the Boston scene such as Edan!) and I'm forever grateful to him! I think it was Lif's questioning of the US's response to 9/11 that made me warm to him on the  Emergency Rations mini-album 

Let me know which tracks you're enjoying!

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