Sunday 10 January 2016

(1994) Gang Starr - Mass Appeal review, Hip Hop Connection Issue #60 (miscellaneous scans)

I'll never forget when I was passed a copy of this on tape during a school trip by one of the older kids after having a really quick chat and realising we both listened to hip-hop (almost unheard of in those days where I grew up in England). "Listen to the scratching on this" he said. It must have been around '94/'95, I was in my teens, and didn't really have any idea what scratching was....

Let's just say I "got" what he was talking about, it just blew me away - I saved whatever I could get my hands on, bought a pair of belt-drive turntables and more than 20 years later I'm still DJ'ing and scratching records, with DJ Premier to thank for this crazy addiction!

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