Tuesday 2 January 2018

DJ Jaycee - "Eargasms, Fresh Radio" (29 Dec 2017)

Taken from the legendary DJ Jaycee's Mixcloud page, be sure to follow and support....

"my man AG hit me up with some cool suggestions so I decided to close out 2017 by playing some classic 80's hiphop gems. there are a few instantly recognizable tunes within this set but for the most part I chose to go a little deeper with my focus, while also including a remake of a classic Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince tune that I did some scratches on with a bunch of my buddies (Jorun Bombay, Aktive, Manwell, Skratch Bastid, Z-Trip, Puffy, Just Dizle, and many others) at the 2017 PLAYList Retreat. ENJOY!!"

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