Thursday 28 November 2013

Choicest Cuts vol 6 August 2013

This month started off with a BIG opener from Planet Asia...the man's prolific and I could probably feature him every month! "Positive Vibes" brings some variety and I like the MCs' flows on the reggae tip. The new Fat Joe "Your Honor" also comes hard!

UK's own Micall Parknsun takes on a slower vibe with "The Come Up"...  Swollen Members join this month's mix with the dark banger "Fear" which was crying out to be cut up a bit! Same goes with the next one, "Take it to the Bronx".. Am I the only one who thinks Sadat X's voice sounds dope over any beat?! Can't move on without mentioning KRS's dope verse on here too...

Anything Large Pro blesses will always get my attention and he provides a dope beat for B-1 to flow on in "Hands of Time"

I'm still listening to the new Tony Touch "50 MC's" album and put my fave cuts in this month... I also found a nice remix of a classic, Mos Def's "Travellin' Man". Not many people know too much about the original, but it was on one of DJ Honda's albums back in '98. Roli Rho was a HUGE inspiration for me...a dope hard-working turntablist who surely would have won more if he wasn't always up against greats such as Craze and co and if his scratching was a little more technical, as his juggles were certainly up there.

Check this footage from a time when the US finals were arguably a better watch than the world DMC finals...EVERY single entrant was top quality...

Another dope remix from dj Inko (pls follow him on FB here) putting his blend on the classic take on the Super Mario themed "Super Brooklyn."

"The Blend" is a funky dope freebie from Jean Grae which you don't need me to point out sounds sooo smooth! I thought "WTF happened" sounded dope, with Rev on the cuts...I recently caught King Magnetic at a show here in Barcelona where he was supporting ED O.G but he was the best artist on the night, so much energy, I can recommend his show for real!

Looks like Chris Karns (formerly known as DJ Vajra) is trying his hand at production now with some sweet results. Man's ultra-talented and whatever he puts his hands to comes out dope ... I can recommend some of his mixes from back in the day that are a bit harder to find now, like the Saul Good series, Basementalism, Satellite Radio or this one -

Here's a dope dope dope funk set from the man to sign off ! peace!

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