Friday 7 March 2014

What's in the water in Canada….

Skratcher T.O. "Basement Sessions"

Damn, enjoyed watching this… Been a while since I saw DJ's Dopey, D-Scratch and Grouch, so pleased to see them still representing on the cut. Such a dope set-up too getting so many DJs arranged facing each other in true battle style…Would love something like that here in Barcelona! Canada has just been churning out those dope turntablists for a while now… makes you wonder what's in the water over there!

I always find Vekked's transforming to be so funky, so I always make a point to watch his clips, but pleasantly surprised to find all the other dons on this clip…. I was lucky enough to cut it up with him at a recent Super Scratch Sunday event and the guy is very humble, and really knowledgable about the history of the battling scene and scratching in general… I don't know where the hell he gets the time to perfect his cuts, juggles, and run a dope Turntablist site ! check it out…

All that was missing here was Lil Jaz and A-Trak coming by for a surprise guest appearance!

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