Saturday 12 April 2014

Choicest Cuts Hip Hop Mix Volume 12 Best of Feb & March 2014

This is the first month I put a little intro together for the Choicest Cuts mix series. I've been collecting relevant samples i could use for a while but it takes some time to put them all together…
For those who didn't recognise it the "this that new shit" sample is from Blo by the Perceptionists… Its so apt for the theme of this mix it was the first one I thought of using, but the tempo of that track is so much faster than the rest of my samples, I couldn't just pitch it down on the turntable, I had to load it into the sampler and use pitch shift to keep the pitch of the vocal intact whilst slowing it down. 
The rest are all pretty classic, well-known samples - no major digging going on there!

Firstly apologies for not dropping a mix in feb, some other projects took all my time, but I think there's so many great tunes on this mix it more than makes up for it! Soundsci dropped two great new tunes recently as a free download and I kick off the mix with Blowing Up - Silent Someone remix. If you're not up on Soundsci, read about them here - the collective includes two of my favourite MCs Oxygen and Audessey (previously of MassInfluence) Check this out from last year - "I'm the little sperm that made it through the falopian.." !!

Then we're treated to a great ode to B-Boy culture from O.C, this one snuck up on me and for some reason hasn't been making too much noise, but it's really a personal fave, so many clever lines making you recall what attracted you into this culture in the beginning and charting its growth such as "Now you have German B-Boys, Japanese B-Boys, Philippine Chinese maybe a few decoys" … so so true.. Hip Hop is worldwide now so much so that you'll meet the decoys everywhere, and for me that's those people in it for the money and fame…O.C flows so effortlessly over every backing beat he's given it's a joy to vibe out to.

Next up is another great free download from Freqnik & WDRE " jungles of the East Scientifik" featuring that classic Jeru sample, and once again my favourite from France, MC Pumpkin features on "Briller", this time on a smoother tip.

DJ Daredevil drops another nice freebie download with his rework of the great Percee P's "Balaklava Rap"…  Man, as far as simple flow goes, for me, P probably tops the list, and its been that way through years and years… styles come and go but for me his flow is timeless…
I first noticed Daredevil's skills through the DMC DJ battles with numerous titles won in the UK and then the Droppin' Science night he puts on with his brother, another bad ass scratcher (DJ Matman) - and he now seems to be making as many moves on the production tip, make sure to follow him on FB here

A big surprise and absolute heater this month came in the form of "Bring Your Skills (come out the woodwork)" by DJ Slice. This is my first introduction to Kidd Mc who effortless flows over Slice's rework of the Skull Snaps beat… I was feeling this track so much I wanted to play it to everyone asap rather than wait for the rest of the releases last month!!

Catchiest track this month goes to De La's "Dilla Plugged in" which features the ever-present Hip Hop Legends going in over an unheard Dilla Beat. I thought the ladies voice sample would irritate the hell out of me but I actually love their use of the sample and it doesn't get old at all, and i found myself listening to this this gem over and over again

Yet another treat this month was a rare appearance from Diamond D with Pharaohe Monch on "Rap Life" (Didn't Tash already copyright that? ;-)

This month was the first i'd heard of the "Jazz Spaztiks" but i'm loving "Move". They couldn't have made a more appropriate beat for Apani B Fly to smoothly glide over. Another free download you can cop here as well as the remix.

Everyone knows the Hip Hop Scene in Poland has been huge for a while now and Marco Polo has become quite the icon out there, freshly coming off a mini-tour to promote a number of projects with Polish artists, Check out Dead Man Funk by Polo and OSTR on this mix.

This month UK Hip Hop veteran Tha 4orce dropped "good Guys never win" where he talks about how his life changed after a car crash, something i can sadly relate to! I came across tha 4orce via UK Hip Hop stalwart Pritt Kalsi's dope website King of the Beats which i talked about last month. It's clear from the outside that Pritt really puts his heart and soul into all his projects, i'm sure for small financial gain if any, but he certainly keeps us underground heads smiling!

Some new Onyx this month with their Ode to the tunnel… I can't say I ever went there, but I remember from my teenage days listening religiously to Westwood's show on Radio 1 how legendary the place was!

Dr Syntax comes at us this month with "On My Terms" talking about his take on shows he performs at. (shouts to Runcorn! Where's that?) I've followed him for ages and he never gets boring, always humorous rhyme skills!  Staying on the UK tip BVA & Leaf Dog come with the dope and spaced out Crazy Trips.

On an abstract tip, Snake charmer is well worth a listen - I'm not overly fond of strings samples but this one works, sounds like something straight off an early Gza production, especially when you listen to the last verse. The echoing of what sounds like the pump me up vocal sample works nicely and adds to the atmosphere too….the 2nd MC sounds to me like the great underground MC, Adagio.

I really liked the new album from String Theory and the self titled track was my pick of the bunch. 

Marc7 from Jurassic 5 also dropped a new album which you can get in its entirety from his Soundcloud, please support the artists especially the ones kind enough to give their hard work for free!

some others you might want to check which didn't make the grade this month, Vinnie Paz's new album, the new King Syze, new CunninLynguists joint, "Sound of the Weapon" by Verbal Kent and Smif N Wessun's "Shots in the Dark" -

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