Wednesday 2 April 2014

(Recommended Mix Series) New mix "Nighttime Gangster Jazz" by Blood Money

Woke up to a nice recommendation on Ego Trip's site today - Blood Money are a fresh duo made up of R&B maestro Tobes of Saprkle Motion and DJ and crate digger Wax On. Together they give us "Nighttime Gangster Jazz : Music for Smooth Criminals".

Described on Wax On's Soundcloud as "a 60 minute mix of 70s and 80s mellow jazz grooves that provide a soundtrack to the most illegal of nocturnal activities" you, like me, will enjoy these hard-to-find rare grooves from start to finish, all interspersed with classic gangster movie dialogue. 

Thoroughly recommended mix and free download to start the day, and don't forget to follow Wax On on Facebook here

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