Monday 28 July 2014

DJ Swet kills the Showcase @ Scratch Invaders, Barcelona

A new monthly open decks night has started in Barcelona called Scratch Invaders, and whilst I'm happy to support anything scratch-related anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Barcelona's own DJ Swet, fresh from releasing his banging debut scratch album "Agoraphobia", would be putting on a showcase.

For anyone that doesn't know, Swet was Spain's representative at the recent B4B scratch contest in Paris. A few years ago he also formed a team with Barcelona's other superstar, D-Beam in the DMCs. One of his trademark cuts is pushing his record hand (his left) up against the opposite side of the vinyl towards the needle, often combined with effective use of crabs.

The set was great, really dark and atmospheric. You can definitely see he's spent plenty of time digging for the right kind of samples to use. On a technical level I've seen him a few times so knew his cuts would be tight but the set was excellent - I'd love to see him perform some of these routines at Community Scratch Games sometime, I think he'd absolutely kill it and gain a lot of new fans!

Support DJ Swet by purchasing "Agoraphobia" on iTunes

Apologies for the poor quality footage towards the end, the poor export quality of iMovie is well-known to be terrible apparently!! To be honest, I'm lucky to have any footage from the night though, as my battery quickly ran out, quickly followed by two other people's phones they let me use! Hopefully someone uploads some better quality footage soon enough…..

DJ Swet B4B entry -

Previous footage I got of Swet & D-Beam -

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