Friday 10 July 2015

New scratch video uploaded with Combinations From the Masters record

Trying to upload more videos lately. This is a competition entry to win a test press of the sold out "Cadence with Rhythm and Flow" which was the debut release on Cut and Paste records

Really annoyed I didn't get a DMC online set finished and uploaded but shit happened and other things took priority. Routines and trick-mixing especially are something I've been getting back into and practising more of lately as opposed to freestyle scratching all the time, and I put a lot of time into preparing something so I'd still like to finish and upload it - watch this space.

Anyway I welcome any feedback below on the clip (good or bad!) - Beat is by Sxriptures taken from the Combinations from the Masters looper you can DL here and the record is also "Combinations from the Masters"

Really dope scratch tool you can pick up for a measly £12 here!

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