Saturday 18 July 2015

Hip Hop Connection Issue #191 June '05 - "Ones & Twos" Mixtape review section by DJ Yoda (miscellaneous scans)

So me and the rest of my family over the last few years kept plenty of things in storage (total hoarders - junk basically). I'd guess I had about 100 old issues of the UK classic HHC and the more mainstream Source magazines from the States. So I thought I'd scan a few of the more interesting articles and upload to this blog. Turns out someone in my family assumed they were rubbish and threw them away!

However I did find a couple of more recent issues that must have been kept separately and will post up some articles/reviews (that are not crunk, RnB or dirty south related!)

The scan is from a section called "Ones & Twos" written by DJ Yoda in the June 2005 edition which featured a free CD - A Def Jux mix by DJ Big Wiz which was dope. (I'll upload it shortly too)
You might need to zoom a bit with your browser to read the text, sorry about that!

Starting with Yoda's take on the Digital Age taking over for DJ's - Funny to read control vinyl being referred to as "fake" vinyl and that vinyl would be dead by 2009. If reports of record sales being at an all-time high are correct then that couldn't be further from the truth.

Looking back on old magazines like this is cool when you see people who are really well-known nowadays putting work in 10 years ago, like one of the UK's finest DJ Matman of Droppin' Science fame getting a mention for his "Live at the Palace" CD and Cassetteboy who I hear get gazillions of views on youtube now. I had that Dough & Porge 1 CD and I've no idea what I've done with it, I really wanted to upload that cos it's really dope.

(PS - There's a tonne of pages in this issue about the Def Jux collective. If anyone wants those uploaded just let me know in the comments...)

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