Thursday 13 August 2015

Turntablist's World Catalogue from circa 2000 (miscellaneous scans)

I might have eluded to the fact I'm a bit of a hoarder once or twice, but it's come in handy now I've got a blog! - It's been interesting looking at old magazines and flyers and listening to old tapes so I'll keep posting scans and tape rips here in the vain hope anyone else is interested!

I remember this store was great, good service from people who were really passionate about Turntablism. I really liked that logo which now looks like a bit of a creepy hand!

I have really vivid memories of sitting in my car at uni when I should've been in class, having just received their latest catalogue in the post and ordering from my brick of a mobile phone a tonne of pricey videos and useless gadgets that I thought would make me the next A-Trak, like the wrist strengthener on page 4 - Just because he was shown using one in a video everyone, including me wanted one! That must've been between '99-'01....

I did get a really handy Vestax wooden cartridge case from there through, and although it seemed pricey at the time (£25ish I think) they rocketed up in price after that and were really hard to find so I'm glad I put my student loan to good use with that one!

Funny to see Technics turntables at £350 each - You probably would only get one secondhand for that price now, whereas everything else naturally plummeted in value over time... Interesting to see a Grazzhoppa mixtape there too - I hadn't realised he'd been contributing dope music for quite so long!

Hope these images and prices bring back some memories for the rest of you!
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

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