Tuesday 11 August 2015

Keeping my ish regular....

No, not quite what you're thinking... I'm keeping this blog (relatively) clean!

What I'm referring to is my posts here - Keep an eye out for regular blog posts every Tuesday,  Thursday and Sunday from now on, at 12pm Pacific Daylight time (8pm GMT). There was no point posting something here and there like I was doing...and this way it'll make me keep posting rather than taking an unplanned break or lull whenever something comes up.

Anyway by way of saying thanks to the 3 people who probably read this I recommend you this great Mixcloud channel by someone who's really trying to stay anonymous! Named just "8675409" - 

Whoever you are, thanks for sharing those dope Funk Flex Hot 97 and Stretch & Bobbito WKCR tape rips from back in the day - I really hope you got some more in your archives!!

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