Thursday 22 October 2015

(Recommended Mix Series ) DJ A-Mu "Hip Hop Mix 2012"

This was a nice find by A-Mu out of Canada. A nice selection of Hip Hop, funk and original breaks all nice put together with some handy transitions and ideas on display.

Enjoy the mix... The only downside for me was the poor quality copy of a Percee P track used, you can hear a load of annoying IM alerts during the recording but hopefully this doesn't tarnish what is essentially a really nicely put-together mix.

I first heard of A-Mu as I believe he's one third of the Crate Bugz with MC G Roc Gayle and they've done some great work together including putting on the You Dig? nights in Toronto.

G Roc Gayle of course the man behind the epic "Rap Phenomenon" 7-inch release!

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