Sunday 25 October 2015

John Carluccio's Battle Sounds Festivals vol 1-5 available to download!

This is great news; The creator and man behind the underground success of the epic Battle Sounds series of documentaries and Turntablist Festivals John Carluccio has made the entire set available for digital download....
You can buy the individual documentaries or the 5 volumes of the Turntablist festivals together for $10 here which seems very reasonable to me. I had volumes 1-4 and rinsed these in my VHS player . I leant #3 (my favourite) to someone and never got it back, nor ever found it on eBay in years of looking, so I'm really chuffed to hear this!

I always got the impression John Carluccio, without DJing himself (as far as I saw) did an awful lot for the DJ Battle scene back in the late 90's, probably out of his own pocket and goodness of his heart.

He was ever-present at all the events lending his creative talents to the filming, probably out of kindness alone and favours for good friends. The work of those kind of people really helped a mini-culture develop into the beast it is today and help some talented "bedroom" tablists gain some exposure around the world. Looks like he's doing very well for himself now and I'm really happy for him.

Look out for Total Eclipse's "Triumph" juggle on vol 3 (for me his best performance of it) and some memorable performances from the Allies' DJ Develop. If I'm not wrong the winner got a Technics mixer, in comparison world champ Vekked took this home a couple of weeks ago!

Anyone hear anything about Develop these days? Last I heard he was a pretty successful producer for some big-name pop rappers... That guy was unreal though, glad to see him getting his paper.

We were actually in New York around the time of #4 and managed to get tickets to go to the event at Symphony Space in 2000. Picked them up from the Turntable Lab office before they had a customer store. It was cool because it was Q-Bert's first performance in NY for 4 years I believe, which seemed a big deal at the time. Found some coffee-stained memorabilia i'd kept from the event! 

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