Friday 27 November 2015

Spotlight - DJ Miura (Barcelona)

Miura is one of the best DJs people outside of Spain may not have heard of - a real veteran of the Spanish hip hop and turntablism scenes, Miura has a vast knowledge and background of golden era hip hop and rnb and combined with seamless mixing skills and really funky scratches you have the ingredients for some top mixes!

I had the pleasure of kicking it with Miura most Friday afternoons whilst I was living in Barcelona and learnt loads of scratch tips from this guy and always enjoy listening to his musical cuts!

Enjoy seamless multi-genre "Back 2 Da Backs" he put together for Hoodiez'n'Hatz...

Some other mixes Miura sent me you can download below....

Download DJ Miura Nu Soul Mixtape

Download DJ Miura Hip Hop Mixtape #1

Download DJ Miura Hip Hop Mixtape #2

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