Thursday 26 May 2016

DJ Getz - Mark B Tribute mix (2016) in association with Wordplay

The excellent DJ Getz has put together this smashing tribute mix for the late great UK Hip Hop producer Mark B in association with Wordplay and the excellent site for all things fresh Dephect. A great chance for anyone new to the scene to hear the quality work of one of the UK's great Hip Hop producers. Free Download via the soundcloud page.

"This tribute mix by DJ Getz is dedicated to Mark B, one of the most respected Hip-Hop producers in the country, who sadly passed away in January this year. His early records were released on DJ Vadim's Jazz Fudge label before starting his own label K Boro Records. Over the years Mark worked with the likes of Lewis Parker, Task Force, Skinnyman, Al Tariq, Blade and many more. He was a true lover of records and Hip-Hop culture"

1. Rap Is Something You Do
2. A Certain Special Skill Ft MCM
3. The Late Night Special With My Man Mr Thing
4. Keep It Tight Ft Lewis Parker & A Cyde
5. Skit
6. Intense Preparations Ft Blade & Lewis Parker
7. New Skool Dean Ft Delirious
8. Rich N Switch Ft Mudfam
9. Liquidized Language Ft Task Force & Mr Thing
10. Chat Bout Ft Skinnyman
11. Belief Remix Instrumental
12. Melloizdaman Ft Mc Mello
13. Skit
14. One Step Ahead Ft Task Force
15. I Wish Ft Task Force
16. Invasion Of The Rap Snatchers Ft Blade
17. From The Word Lab Ft Blade
18. Long Awaited Ft Blade, Lewis Parker & Skinnyman
19. That Nigga ft Al Tariq
20. Skit
21. Split Personalities Ft Blade & Al Tariq
22. No Questions Asked Ft Al Tariq
23. Mayday Ft Delta
24. Fresh Wild Fly Bold Ft Dialect
25. It's On You Ft Task Force & Skinnyman

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