Tuesday 24 May 2016

DMC Online 2016 routine - DJ ABBFunk - PLEASE VOTE!

**EDIT - Voting now closed, thanks everyone who chipped in!!!**

Need your help please! I just uploaded my routine at the last minute and need to stay in the top 10. This was my aim and am happy to say at the moment it's been achieved! If you can spare a moment please watch and vote if you like it!

Had the chance to watch Throdown and Skillz and they're such dope routines well worthy of 1 and 2, had a quick look at Remedy he's tight too so expect that one to rise actually so they'd be my top 3 from that round.

Anyway please vote if you can I think voting closes around 6pm UK time on Tuesday 24th May. You have to register but it's a quick and (relatively) painless process!

Vote here


  1. im trying to vote mate -if it will let me

  2. Replies
    1. hey buddy no worries voting's closed now but thanks anyway, appreciate it! Did you check the powerful impact mix we just uploaded?