Monday 25 July 2016

MadNoisi Tracks - DJ Madhandz & Noisiboi collaboration

Myself and all round dope producer and good guy (and Hip Hop encyclopedia) Noisiboi (also a fellow Hip Hop Back In The Day crew member) have started to work on music as a group under the heading MadNoisi.

We've got our first 2 tracks up on Soundcloud now for you to check out and if you like download and vibe to.

Both are concept tracks and for these Noisi sent me a beat he crafted and let me go digging for samples to cut up around the vibe I got from the beat to get the final concept locked down. If you are a fan of scratch music and beats in general defs check the tracks!

Have a listen and if you like follow the Soundcloud as there is a lot ore in the works in terms of an EP and more free downloads!

You can follow MadNoisi on Twitter @MadNoisi to keep up to date with all the music and more things MadNoisi.

DJ Madhandz

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