Thursday 14 July 2016

Unidentified mix, can you help?

someone desperately seeking the creator of this mix, if you can help please get in touch via their soundcloud...First thoughts were the great Simon Harris but that's been discounted by the looks of it...

You know when you have one of those eureka moments and you punch the air...??
Well that just happened to me!
For 20+ years i have had this memory of a cut & paste type mix that i had taped off a old radio show i listened too called Scratch FM that started with this sample of Manuel from Faulty Towers...
Well i just discovered it on a cassette i pulled out randomly a couple of days ago while looking for other tapes.
The tape was just labeled Hip Hop so i had no idea what was on it.
First track on side b and there it was.
I fucking couldn't believe it.
I recited every sample of the mix like i had just played it yesterday.
But what mix is it?
I haven't heard it played by anyone i know in 20+ years.
Did it ever come out on vinyl?
Help me find this friends!"


  1. rob is there an active link to the mix

  2. oh right he's taken it down, no idea mate can't remember the guy's name who posted it

  3. never mind we cant help then lol