Wednesday 26 March 2014

King of the Beats - Dope Website

Check out Pritt Kalsi's Site where he regularly posts great updates from the world of Hip Hop, Beatmaking and Sampling, King of The Beats

Pritt Kalsi has been in the Hip Hop game for over 20 years. I first discovered his work when I bought the King of the Beats DVD. Its a beat-making challenge where they give some well-known UK beatmakers like (Mr Thing and DJ Pogo) £20 to chose a few records and see what they can make in a limited time. A common formula now with the Rhythm Roulette series but I think Pritt was one of, if not the first to do it.

Great, inspiring watch I thoroughly recommend if you can find it!

King of the Beats has also now turned Record Label, check out their recent release by UK cat Tha force - definitely featuring on my next mix!

I can't find a sample of the version I have on DVD anywhere online, but I found another related film, check it out!

KING OF THE BEATS FILM PART 1 OF 2 (2011) from pritt on Vimeo.

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