Tuesday 21 June 2016

DJ Vekked on the Mikidz Show (13 June 2016)

A great chance to see reigning world DMC champ Vekked away from his natural habitat of destroying the competition on stage at DJ battles. Mikidz show has been graced by the likes of J-Rocc, QBert , D-Styles & Melo-D in the past and this set is right up there, and is definitely my personal favourite....

Vekked - MikiDz Show - June 13, 2016 from DJcityTV on Vimeo.

Excellent use of the multiple camera angles during this eclectic set gives us mere mortals the chance to (try) and comprehend what he's doing on his routines and there's almost an hour of top draw DJing here if you're one of those people that thinks a multiple world DJ battle champ can't mix two records together...

Look out for a couple of lesser-known routines you may have missed and a few tweaks to the world famous sets we all know and love.

Haven't had a chance to see it all yet but the part with the upfaders at 6:30 just blows me away, the drumming around 12:00 and then the climax/breakdown of the latin track around 11:00, absolutely filthy!!

PS - in case you've just got back from a 5 year hiatus to Mars and don't know who Vekked is, there's plenty of videos you could watch, but here's as good a place to start as any -

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