Friday 21 March 2014

(VHS Archive) VINROC in-store showcase @ MR BONGO's, London UK circa 2000 (Video)

One of my favourite in-store performances from one of my favourite DJs, Vinroc really was a master of all the crafts. Party Rocking, Battling, Mixtapes, he did it all, and very well too. Really down to Earth and humble guy too.

I guess if you were being picky you could say it's not the cleanest rendition of his classic Definition juggle you might come across, but this is a great showcase considering he'd just stepped off a long-haul flight, the fader comes off at one point, the tables skip, and he falls off whatever he's standing on, but being a great sport he kept it moving, great showmanship!

Vinroc's juggles and trick mixing were always on point, I highly recommend checking out all his battle sets you can find online, never overly-technical but very musical, in-time, and original. I also made a point of collecting as many of his mixtapes as i could back then, they were really well put together with loads of juggles and he must have put huge amounts of time into them. 

Those mix tapes put me onto a hell of a lot of Old School records I might never have come across otherwise. I think his "Audio Animation" mixtape ended up busting my car stereo cos it was in there so much, it was that good. No wonder he was so sought after having at one point been affiliated with I.S.P, Beat Junkies, and the 5th Platoon, before becoming one third of the Triple Threat DJs with Shortkut and Apollo.

This must have been around 2000. He was on a UK tour I guess and later performed at Scala too which I'll upload asap.  I, as well as most probably, have great memories at the legendary Mr Bongo's. Loved going into London and record shopping there or picking up the latest battle tape or mix tape. Always great selection and knowledgable staff. 

I remember getting there really early to make sure I got a good view, and got a perfect spot right at the front. You can see two of the awesome Mixologists crew in the back room there in attendance, Also DJ Random of The Steel Devils is there and the guy who I think ran the website Turntablists World(?) back then, really great resource for all things turntablism in those days, and I think they were responsible for putting on the showcase. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of that!

Vinroc, If you're reading this, sorry for sticking the camera in your face for the whole of your set!! Awesome set though!! ;-)

I once saw Eminem bust a freestyle in there for a program called Planet Pop, before he really blew up of course. If anyone has that footage on tape somewhere I'd love to see it!!

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