Wednesday 19 March 2014

DMC Heavy Hitters bless Super Scratch Sunday ft VEKKED, JON 1ST & MR SWITCH (Video)

I just got round to having a look at the mountain of footage I took from my last trip to the UK. The last Super Scratch Sunday (SSS) I could make was put on in London the day after the DMC world finals, with the hope some of the participants would be able to make an appearance…. 
and blessed we were with appearances from reigning Canadian DMC champion Vekked, multiple world DMC champ Mr Switch and Jon 1st, who last year, for me, raised the bar for the DMC online championship, taking the title with a very refreshing and accomplished routine. 

Noteworthy in this clip is Vekked using the upfaders better than I can even hope to use the regular fader, the ease which Symatic cuts up words and phrases in perfect timing (that shit is so much harder than it looks!) and EricUK's just ridiculous technical ability on the cut. I grew up just a 20 minute car ride from Rock Well and Dubbadutch, and although now I only get to cut it up with them once in a blue moon, it's amazing to see how much they improved every time i see them cut and every time we have a session i leave it thinking damn I need to practise !

Thanks to Dubbadutch and his mammoth Traktor set up the beats flow at these sessions and he keeps it moving on his dual F1 controllers, none of the same loopers playing for hours on end at SSS! We were also blessed that day with an impromptu set from Jon1st seamlessly mixing fresh instrumentals for us to cut to.  

Highlight of the day for me was having the chance to cut it up with these guys and also just chatting with Switch and Vekked who just came across as so humble. and down to earth…. Switch told me about how it felt to be the first DJ to play at the proms and overall it was just really cool chatting with the pros about previous DMC winners, title robberies and DJs to watch out for in the future….Both really know their history which is really cool and their passion in taking the artform forward and making it grow is very inspirational. 

Rumour has it we narrowly missed out on the Battlestar guys, Ritchie Ruftone, the Scratch Science DJs and Switzerland's A-Kut, who had to catch their flights. Next year is going to be massive if we can persuade them to take later flights!

Check out Vekked's new forum and website Turntablist World

The Super Scratch Sunday sessions came about after a meeting of minds and like-minded heads on the Digital Vertigo forums - a great resource for all things DJ related, the moderator Steve and other members are always happy to help on the forums for any gear/scratch/DJ related queries, or anything else for that matter! Thoroughly recommended!

I will upload plenty more footage as and when I can. 

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